6 Reasons Canada Is A Safe Place to Settle Down

6 Reasons Canada Is A Safe Place to Settle Down

Canada scored 1.287 in the latest Global Peace Index report, making it the 7th safest country in the world, and enticing more to move here. In a 2013 article by The Canadian Immigrant, safety was amongst the top reasons why immigrants consistently chose Canada over other developed nations when it comes to migration. 
Here are the reasons why Canada is undoubtedly a haven for immigrants:
  1. The crime rate is low
It has been four years since Canada experienced a decline in crime rate. In 2013, as reported by the Canadian government itself, the crime rate hit its lowest point since 1969. 
Things have changed a bit then. Recent reports say that crime rate is increasing slightly, but the numbers are still too mediocre to consider the country as a dangerous place to live. The crime rate in the country remains low, and certainly, its efficient government will not allow it to go otherwise.
  1. Gun laws are commendable
Canada’s exceptionally low gun fatality rate can be attributed to its equally exemplary gun laws. Like any developed nations with low crime rates – Australia, Japan, and the UK—purchasing a gun in the country is close to farfetched. In fact, there is no legal right for a civilian to buy even a low-calibre pistol in the country. 
For those who are allowed to (using exceptions provided by the law) the process is rather excruciating. How does waiting for two months just to get one sound? 
Needless to mention third-party references to obtain a license, weeks of training classes on how to properly use the gun, and an extensive background check to determine your eligibility for the privilege.  
  1. Health care for immigrants
Unlike in the US, where most of the locals don’t have health insurance, Canada allows immigrants who have just obtained their residency status to enjoy its universal healthcare system. 
"All provinces and territories will provide free emergency medical services, even if you do not have a government health card. Restrictions may apply depending on your immigration status,” the Canadian government said on its website. And yes, the country’s public healthcare system is so good that most people in the country prefer it to private health insurance.
  1. Almost-zero corruption
According to the latest study by the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index, the country’s corruption rate is the ninth lowest in the world, which explains why almost every government service in the country is exemplary—cleanliness, education, insurance, name it. 
  1. Strong economy
Though Canada’s economic growth in the past months has remained lethargic, its US$50,230.80 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is still the tenth biggest in the world. 
With a strong economy like this, and with a relatively low corruption rate, the country will remain one of the most enticing places to live. Also, a strong economy is a clear indication that the government is capable of providing all its citizens’ needs.
  1. Job opportunities for everyone
Hiring more high-skilled talents outside the country sits at the centerpiece of the new administration’s platform. Indeed, since the dapper Liberal prime minister assumed office, immigration policies have experienced several modifications just to accommodate more immigrants who wish to work and live in the country. 
Obtaining a Canadian visa here is now faster and easier as the government does its best to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, which discouraged many applicants from considering the country in the past.
Moreover, the points system is now more accessible, speedier processing times, and more provinces have opened themselves to workers who prefer the less busy work environment.  Additionally, the country’s impressive refugee adoption system ensures that the beneficiaries will not spend their first years in the country jobless.

All in all, there is security in all aspects of living for everyone who wants to spend the rest of their lives in this beautiful country. For those who plan to make Canada their new home, they have only one thing to remember: follow the government’s laws, and surely they will enjoy everything this nation offers.  
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