8 Steps to Landing a Job in Canada

8 Steps to Landing a Job in Canada
How to land a job in Canada
Landing a good job is every new immigrant’s worry. Who wouldn’t be anxious about getting a stable and decent job after deciding to live in a foreign country? 
One of the common mistakes made by immigrants is being overly complacent with looking for a job once they get here. It’s true that the government of Canada has a vacant post (tons of them actually) for every immigrant they invite to their country, but you have to do your part to get the job you want. Hopefully, the list below can help you with finding a job prior to or during your first days and weeks in Canada.
  1. Know which particular job you want first
Before leaving home, or applying for a visa, make sure you know what kind of job you really want to do in Canada. This will help you determine the best location for your target career. For instance, if you want to be part of the agricultural industry, you may want to consider Saskatchewan instead of Montreal, or if you plan to be a financial adviser, Nova Scotia is better than Quebec.
  1. Consult job search portals
 A big chunk of job adverts are done online, so it only makes sense to sign up for the top job portals in Canada. Indeed, Randstad, Workopolis and even Kijiji are the best places for this. It also pays to be part of Job Bank, Canadian government’s official job search site, or a particular province’s website since all provinces have their individual sections for available and most in-demand jobs—like New Brunswick’s very own job portal, for instance.
  1. Leverage LinkedIn
 LinkedIn’s effectiveness in recruitment has already been proven, and you may want to be part of it. The great thing about it is that sham companies are not welcome here. LinkedIn is the Facebook for legit employers. Start building your networks here before leaving for Canada.  After this, you can get its Premium service to be able to message potential clients and employers. Check out this Forbes article on maximizing your LinkedIn strategies to achieve success.
  1. Your language skills matters
You wouldn't expect to get a decent job in Germany if you didn’t know fluent German, and it's the same way in Canada. You wouldn't dream of getting your ideal job in Canada without having passable English communication and writing skills. Believe us; you will need it, from writing your résumé to nailing your interview down to communicating with your future boss. Also, if you’re planning to work in Quebec or Eastern Ontario, you'll need to work on your French, too.
  1. Your cultural circle matters
There’s a big possibility that your first friends in Canada are those from your native country, and you can use it to your advantage. Where does your new friend work? Perhaps you can submit an application to their company. Does your neighbour own the nearest bakeshop down the corner? Maybe you can work part-time here while you wait for an interview invitation from an employer.  What makes this important is because they’ve been in your situation before—they know how it feels like to start from scratch. In simpler terms: they know just feel how you feel so they might be willing to help you with your job hunt.
  1. Consider doing other things, too
If you’re the type who doesn’t measure happiness with what kind of job you do, or if you’re in Canada to simply make good hard-earned money, you may want to look at the best paying and most attractive jobs in the country as of the moment. Here’s a complete list of statistics (compiled by Global News Canada) on everything you need to know about it.  Or check out this article from the Huffington Post.
  1. Socialize and build networks
Believe it or not, career networking is quite big in Canada. You can attend one of these if you want. Remember to: dress well, ask questions, be proactive, and never forget to follow-up to achieve best results. You ca also attend public seminars, lectures, and job fairs, which are everywhere. You can look for them online, or in the news section of the Canadian government’s official website. Also, follow your target companies on Facebook or Twitter to get job updates from them.
  1. Volunteer first
 Let’s face it. Most employers look for experience. The problem gets worse for immigrants since most business owners ask for work experience obtained in Canada. The solution to this is doing volunteer work for a start until you earn the required months your target employer wants (usually 1 year). GoVolunteer.ca is not only perfect for this, but also for expanding your career network.  Of course, getting a shot at an interview in your dream company is only the beginning of everything. It’s now your call to impress your future employer. The good thing now is that you no longer have to worry about being jobless for the first months of your stay in this beautiful country. 
And speaking of the first few months, it might be a good idea to enjoy the country first before plunging into the career world. Maybe you’ll find it difficult to do some serious traveling when you finally get your dream job.  But that’s only a suggestion.
Now time to put it into practice! Happy job hunting!

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