Better jobs, top-notch education, and higher quality of living? Canada has it all, HSBC says

Better jobs, top-notch education, and higher quality of living? Canada has it all, HSBC says
And it's not the only survey that thinks Canada is perfect country for foreigners!
The latest report published by HSBC reveals that Canada remains among the most dominant countries in the world when it comes to quality of life, education, and job prospects. Canada, tied with Japan, came in third for these three categories. Germany topped the list, followed by Singapore in second, and the US in fourth, while New Zealand, France, Australia came in sixth, seventh, and eighth, and ninth, respectively, to complete the list. The British multinational banking and financial holding firm had to ask 6,241 parents across 15 countries and territories to come to this conclusion.
Surprisingly, despite the current political environment in the US, most parents would still choose the US (45 percent) over Canada (23 %) as a top destination either for short visit, education, or work. The US ranked number one in this category, while the UK and Australia ranked second and third. Pulling Canada to the fourth place is its expensive annual tuition fee cost, a category in which it places second against the US. Average annual undergrad tuition fee in Canada is $30,518, only 8 percent cheaper than the US at $33,215.
Despite being a favourite amongst international parents, most Canadian parents admitted that they would rather send their child to a Canadian school. It could be explained by country’s efficient government and excellent education system, which is universally considered by many global ranking and research firms as one of the best in the world.  An overwhelming 83 percent of Canadian parents would actually consider it for their child. In 2014, as revealed by a separate study by the Association of Universities and College of Canada, only 3.1 percent of the country’s undergraduate student population had an international experience. HSBC also said that political situation in the European region is a major factor affecting their decision-making. Indeed, the calmer political milieu in Canada is enough for most students to stay in the country.
A separate study conducted by UK-based research agency Red Brick also revealed that Canada is the most desirable English-speaking country for most European students. The reason is similar, and it is its efficient government and low corruption rate. Add to this its accommodating stance on welcoming foreign citizens, has made Canada among the most attractive countries for immigrants, refugees, and expats.

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