IRCC holds ‘special’ Express Entry draws

IRCC holds ‘special’ Express Entry draws
The latest Express Entry draw is special—historic, even—for a lot of reasons. For the first time in the history of the Express Entry program since its launch in 2015, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) hosted two separate draws in one day. The first was for the Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTC) category, while the other one was for the provincial nomination route.
Thus, officially, the draws conducted on May 24, 2017, were the 13th and the 14th draws for this year. The candidates for each draw were also chosen using two different Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off thresholds.
For the FSTC category, a total of 143 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) were issued to candidates who met the minimum CSR score of 775 points. On the other hand, a total of 400 candidates received an ITA from the government. The 199 minimum CRS points required for this draw was the lowest in the nomination scheme’s history.
All Express Entry draws held in 2017:
1.    January 4 - 468 pts (2,902 ITAs issued)
2.    January 11 – 459 pts (3,334)
3.    January 25 – 453 pts (3,508)
4.    February 8 – 447 pts (3,664)
5.    February 22 – 441 pts (3,611)
6.    March 1– 434 pts (3,884)
7.    March 24 - 441 pts (3,749)
8.    April 5 - 431 pts (3,753)
9.    April 12 - 423 points (3,923)
10.  April 19 – 415 pts (3,665)
11. May 4 – 423 pts (3,796)
12. May 17 – 415 pts (3,687)
13. May 24 – 775 pts (143) -  63rd Express Entry draw since 2015 and 13th for 2017
14. May 24 – 199 pts (400) - 64th Express Entry draw since 2015 and 14th for 2017   

The provincial nomination draw was also the third one that issued ITAs for candidates under specific programs. The first time it happened was in February 2015, when a special draw was held for candidates eligible under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Conversely, the provincial nomination-focused draw first took place in November of 2016.
The IRCC also offered an explanation for its decision to hold a special draw for Federal Skilled Trade Class. ‘We have noticed a decrease in Federal Skilled Trades invitations since November, and so this is a direct result [of] the reduction in job offer points," it said in a statement, insinuating that it has adjusted its eligibility requirements to cater to a special group of individuals. “Typically, FST people have slightly lower human capital points — some of the language levels may be lower, some of the education levels may be lower, and as a result they don’t find themselves in that upper 300 or 400 level of points in order to get ITA, even if they do have a job offer.’
Generally, the next EE draw is expected to be done within 2-week intervals or so.

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